Piston Port R&D Class

Please note that after testing the following will be effective at the Nationals and the remainder of the year:

Jica swift: 420#. Same weight & pipe (420#/HPV) but change minimum flex length from 10” to 9”.

Comer P51: No change (leave as is).

K71: No change (leave as is).

Yamaha: No change (leave as is).

All other KART approved PP motors (HPV, Comer P50, etc): 410#, HPV pipe, 10” minimum flex length.

Posted July 5, 2015

MARRS Piston Port R&D Class

The Board of Directors would like particpants to be aware of the changes approved at the BOD Meeting in October regarding the Piston Port R&D Class. 

The weights for the class are as follows: Swift JICA 430#, Comer P51 410#, K-71 390#, Yamaha 380#, PV92 390#, Comer P50 390#

Spec for the class are as follows: Swift JICA - Stock HPV 4/5 Pipe with 10" min Flex. Comer P51, K-71, Yamaha, PV92, Comer P50 - Stock HPV 4/5, RLV L4 or RLV MiSi Pipe with Open Flex

If there is a lack of participation of a particular engine the Board of Directors has the option of disallowing that particular engine for Nationals and the remainder of the year. The Board will make their final decision at the June Hallett race.

Posted April 8, 2015

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2015 MARRS Enduro Schedule

April 25-26
Lake Afton - Goddard, KS

May 16-17
Lake Garnett - Garnett, KS

June 6-7
Hallett Motor Racing Circuit - Hallett, OK

July 11-12*
Motorsports Park Hastings - Hastings, NE

July 31 - August 2
KART National Championships
Hallett Motor Racing Circuit - Hallett, OK

August 22-23*
Lake Garnett - Garnett, KS

September 12-13
Lake Afton - Goddard, KS

October 23-25
NCM Motorsport Park - Bowling Green, KY

Count best 7 of 8 events towards series points championship (1 drop). A minimum of 6 events must be entered to qualify for awards.

*Bonus Points Races (50 points each)

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