2017 Enduro Nationals

The 2017 KART/MARRS National Champsionships will be held on Sept 29th - Oct 1st at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit.  Race direction will be Counter-Clockwise.  Entry forms and schedule are available on the website.  If you are intersted in sponsoring a class please send an email to

Posted September 4, 2017

Hallett Direction

The direction to be ran at the Hallett event on June 15th - 16th will be Clockwise.

Posted June 24, 2017

Rules Update

Please note the following clarification on Page 49 Section I:

As supplied with engine from manufacture per factory specification OR Interchangeability is allowed between Tag clutches.  Including parts and entire clutch. 

Posted April 27, 2017

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2017 KART / MARRS Schedule

2016 Awards Banquet
March 4, 2017

Andy B’s
8711 S Lewis
Tulsa, OK 74137


April 8th - 9th
Lake Garnett - Garnett, KS

May 6th - 7th
Lake Afton - Goddard, KS

June 10th - 11th *
Lake Garnett - Garnett, KS

July 15th - 16th
Hallett Motor Racing Circuit - Hallett, OK

August 12th - 13th*
Heartland Park - Topeka, KS

September 9th - 10th
Lake Afton - Goddard, KS

September 29th - October 1st
KART National Championships
Hallett Motor Racing Circuit - Hallett, OK

Count best 6 of 7 events towards series points championship (1 drop). A minimum of 5 events must be entered to qualify for awards.

*Bonus Points Races (50 points each)

About Kart

K.A.R.T. (Karters of America Racing Triad) was founded in 1994 as a not-for-profit organization and began sanctioning races in 1995.

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